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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Purple Wonderland

Wondering around the flower parks near Tokyo, I finally come to the landmark of purple flower. The Ashigaka Flower park is in Tochigi prefecture. It took us 2 hours from Tokyo, Ikebukuro station. Via Shonan shinjuku line from Ikebukuro, we transfer at Oyama to the local train to Ashigaka Flower Park Station, and the park will be right in front the station. It's pretty convenient to come compared to the Hitachi Seaside park. 

This park reminds me a lot of the Bergainska Trädgården in Stockholm with the atmosphere and the variety of flowers.

Highlight of this place is this Wisteria domes, which there are several in the park.

Despite teh raining day, it's still beautiful and it turned out to be less crowded than we thought it would be since it's during the Golden week. I recommend checking how the park looks like now in their official website to see if the flowers are still there. 


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pink Tea Room!

Having heard of the Alfred Coffee in the US for a long time, I'm glad they're opening the tea room in last couple years. And it become more exicted when you don't have to go to the US anymore because they're opening in Tokyo this year!! 

I'm always exicted for a bubble milk tea but I'm more exicted when it's in this pretty pink tea room! I choose the earlgrey chocolate milktea with boba and it's so good. I'd say that avarage bubble milk tea in Tokyo could not to the pearl right but this one can do more than the avarage. 

Price is pretty high but I think it's quite the same as how it's in the US.

Another thing I've tried is the Chai tea, which I prefer. It's not easy to find proper tea in Japan but this can be a propoer substitute for the craving lol.

It located at Shinjuku Lumine department store and normally there wouldn't be that much people unless you go in the weekend or holiday. 


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Travel Back in Time with Traditional Thai Dessert

Travelling back to the time when I was in Bangkok. I went to one dessert cafe near the Grand Palace and Khaosan Road. 

"Sane" in Thai (sa-ne) means charm, which I think suit very well with the Thai traditional dessert. Full of flavours and charm, this unique cafe reminds me of my chilhood when I get these kinda dessert after school.

My choice were the Sommanat (Thai coconut meringue), Kleeb Lamduan (Thai shortbread cookies), some kinda Mochi, and I can't remember the name of the small yellow one. 

These sweets went very well with the Vegan coconut milk late!

Lastly, this place offers the Thai dessert class, which I wish I could attend once when I go back to Bangkok next time. Really miss the scent of the Thai aromatic candle and coconut milk now.. 


Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Blue Flower

After the Sakura season, it's time for nemophila! 

We took the local Soban line from Ueno to Katsuta station, the round trip costs about 4600 yen++ (can't remember teh exact number). It took around 2 hours to get to Katsuta station. 

Arriving Katsuta, there will be the guiding people tell you where and how to go but it's easier to buy the round-trip bus ticket including the admission fee to the park (1080yen).

About 5 mins walking in, you'll find the forest area.

The 30cm french fries, with Kebab. 

Keep calm and take selfies.

There were a lot of people but it's possible to find a spot to take a photo without people in your background as well. I'd recommend the week before the end of April to see the full bloom but it depends on the year as well so if you wanna come, check their website for the real time picture of the park. 

And the trip ended with the Korean food at Okubo, which is expensive but how can we do about it lol. 


Friday, 27 April 2018

Blooming Season in Tokyo

One of the signature of Japan would be the season of Sakura.

Most of the time, I heard people went to see Sakura at Yoyogi park but only few people know the Toden Arakawa, or the Tokyo Sakura tram. Walking along from Takadanobaba to Waseda Toden Arakawa Station, you'll see sakura along the river and if you walk until the end, it would be Edogawabashi.

Walking along side the river with the sound of bird in the morning would be the best thing you could imagine experiencing in Japan. Even when I came back to Japan, this is alreasy 2 weeks after the first bloom but it is still beautiful. 

Imagine the first week of the bloom would be epic! 


Monday, 23 April 2018

I'm back, with black.

It might not be surprising that I still wear hoodie in spring! It's almost summer here in Japan but I just feel like to wear black all the time! 
The weather is quite crazy last week, with some cold and some super hot day, so what would be better than a comfy hoodie to live in. 

Hoodie : H&M (The Weekend Collection) - I think it's sold out now
Jegging : Forever 21
Boots : Bershka - It's on sale!!! (but to be honest, it's not comfortable)